Thursday, 30 August 2018

The MyMTN app from MTN provides free 500MB of data to all customers, whether it's new or existing customers, chatting with friends, streaming videos, making video calls, and even downloading everything you can imagine. This is the official data promotion for MTN. Therefore, before you do this, you don't need to set up talk time in your account or IMEI adjustments. Just download MyMTNApp.

The new free data promotion from MTN applies to all MTN SIM cards; the main reason that may prevent you from getting a bonus is that if you have a valid subscription, you are eligible to use MTN Sim without a valid subscription.

The application that digs out the free megabytes (MyMTNApp) is only 15MB in size, so you still need up to 485MB to do small things online.

How to understand the qualification of this 500MB
If you do not meet the criteria, you may receive the following message:
Y'ello, your subscription to MyApp has failed. Please try again later.

But, if you qualify, you will receive a message like below:

 Dear customers, your free 500MB data activation is successful.

Note: The new MyMTN app can be used to purchase talk time and data packets, monitor data usage and pay bills. Follow the steps below to get 500MB from MTN.

Finish it
✓ To download the app, just go to the store/iTunes store.
Direct link to download MyApp 500MB

For Android users, download the MyMTN App from the Play Store
For iOS users, download the MyMTN App from the iTunes Store

✓ Download the MyMTN app and install it.
✓ Select your country and enter your MTN number.
✓ They will send you an OTP code to confirm that it is you.
✓ Insert the OTP code into the form and you will see a message like Yello, you have 500MB of free data.

Get 500MB MTN Free Data via MyMTN

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

MTN NG has unveiled a special prepaid plan dubbed  “MTN mPulse” for our adolescents. According to MTN, you have to be between the ages of 9 – 15yrs to qualify for the plan and get up to 1.2GB for just N150 Naira.

According to Mr. Oluwole Rawa, general manager of MTN for consumer marketing, the mPulse package comes with a voice plan and a website that offers a variety of courses and learning aids to help elementary school 1 to SS3 children stand out.

Through this program, MTN once again demonstrated to Nigerians the resources they need to help and equip young Nigerians in the school to grow in the digital world. Nigerian teenagers can now learn to use the data plan to explore the Internet and learn a lot to help them in the future.

The service has two features: the mPulse tariff and the mPulse website.

MTN mPulse Prepaid Plan
MTN mPulse is a basic prepaid plan that allows Pre-Teen and Teen customers between the age bracket of 9 and 15 years enjoy, Special data bundles, Special Birthday reward, lots of other exciting offers and National calls at 15k/secs

mPulse Tariff Benefits
The mPulse tariff gives students lots of freebies including:
N200 Birthday Reward: mPulse Customers will be rewarded with a birthday gift of N200 on the day of their birthday as long as their birthday details are captured before the birthday.

Free WhatsApp for 7 days every month: Customers on MTN mPulse plan will enjoy 7 days free WhatsApp access upon the first recharge of N100 and above in a calendar month.

Bonus on recharge 10MB on N100; 20MB on N200 (7-day bonus validity)- on the first recharge in a calendar week ( 7 days).

Parent-Child Link: For ease and convenience, a parent will be able to link a child’s number to her/his number and automatically share a set amount of airtime/data on a weekly/monthly basis.

mPulse Website Benefits
The mPulse website provides resources for primary, junior and senior secondary school students to develop their strengths and passions. It features certified preparation materials and past questions for Common Entrance, JSCE, WAEC, JAMB, Post UME, intellectual games and a wide array of skill development tutorial videos.

MTN mPulse Data Plans
There are 2 special data plans which students on mPulse tariff can buy to access the mPulse website:

350MB for N50 (weekly plan)
1.2GB for N150 (Monthly plan)

How to Migrate to MTN mPulse Plan

Dial *344*1# from a new or existing MTN SIM
Send ‘mPulse’ to 131
Download MyMTNApp, go to tariff plan and select mPulse

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)
Q. How do I sign up to the mPulse website?
A. Go to in your browser • In the Login/Sign Up section, Click the I’m a Student icon or I’m a Parent icon and enter all the information required to register.

Q. Will I be charged for joining mPulse website?
A. No, sign up to mPulse website is totally free!

Q. I’m a student, what do I stand to gain if I join the mPulse website?
A. You will gain access to the following:
• Certified preparation materials for Common Entrance, WAEC, NECO, JAMB, and PostUME
• Past Questions and Answers on Common Entrance, WAEC, NECO, JAMB and PostUME
• Youtube Tutorial videos on wide variety of topics: Technology, Programming, Leadership, Vocational Skills, Entrepreneurship, Language, etc.
• Exciting single-player and multi-player games
• Trending music and sports videos
• Buy mPulse data plans
• Migrate your MTN line to mPulse tariff plan

Q. Do I need to pay for these services?
A. Access to the Youtube tutorial, music and sports videos is free (only data charges apply). For the education and game services, you have up to 14 days free trial access, after which you can pay (between N10 to N300) to subscribe for the services.

Q. Can I access other YouTube outside the mPulse YouTube content?
A. No. The YouTube content on MTN mPulse website have been carefully selected for you, you can only access these content on the website.

Q. How can I check my mPulse airtime balance?
A. Customer will be able to check their airtime balance by dialling *556#.

Q. How do I subscribe to the mPulse weekly and monthly special data bundle plan?
A. You can subscribe to any of the mPulse Special Data bundle by doing any of the following:
• For Weekly bundle of 350MB, send 350 to 344
• For Monthly bundle of 1.2GB, send 351 to 344
• Dial *344# and then, select data bundle of choice from the menu.

Q. How do I check my special data bundle balance?
A. Dial *344*2*2#.

Q. Can I access all website with the mPulse special data bundle?
A. No, you can only access mPulse Website with the special data bundle.

For more FAQ, kindly check MTN website…

MTN mPulse – New Prepaid Plan, Offers 1.2GB for Just N150 and 350MB for N50

This is another special offer from GTbank to their Instant banking users. Apart from Opera News App Free Airtime and rewards and TopUp Africa Free Airtime. Guarantee Trust Bank is giving out N10,000 worth of Airtime when you recharge your Sim card using the GTbank USSD code *737#.

How to run:
Charge your loved ones N2,000 calls every day from 9am to 12pm and get a free N2000 talk time to connect to the phone number associated with your GTBank account.

How to use the GTBank USSD code to recharge:
On the phone number connected to your GTBank account, dial * 737 * Amount * Phone Number # to purchase at least N1,000 talk time for your loved one and retrieve the value of N1,000.

All customers can send up to five calls, and when they do, they will receive #2000 five times, and a total of #10000 talk time can be played on their SIM card.

GTBank Airtime Promo offers an extra 100% talk time bonus to the top 2000 customers of the day.
Keep in mind that the offer applies to the top 1,000 customers between 9am and 12am daily, which means first-come-first-served conditions apply.

Get N10,000 Free Airtime Via GTBank Airtime Promo

Nigeria's first indigenous TV, TStv, disappointed many citizens and seemed to finally put their actions together.
The company's management recently issued an explanation of what went wrong with it so far and what they are doing to solve the problem.

 Here is an open letter to Nigerians by the MD/CEO of TSTV:
Dear Nigerians,

    I sincerely appreciate all your concerns and prayers for our darling TSTV. From the date we announced TSTV, it has been fight all the way. I doubt if a week passed without us quenching one fire or the other. We didn’t anticipate that there would be war. We were also not trained to fight in the arena we were pushed into.
    The kinds of weapons our enemies would later contend us with, showed they had stocked their armoury waiting for a time like now. We may not have their kind of money, neither their kinds of weapons, ”connections” and networks but one thing I sure know we had more than them was a determined spirit and a steadfast God. A God who doesn’t fail.

According to the CEO,

    It has not been easy one bit. Our struggles drained us financially and pitched us against all good meaning Nigerians, subscribers and dealers that believed in us. We were wrestled even down to our satellite providers but our God is ever faithful.

At least, this is progress…

    Today 20th of August, 2018, I am happy to inform Nigerians that TSTV is back live and direct but this time under the watch of Abba Father. With our successful acquisition of FIVE units of 35.5MHz transponders last two weeks on Nigcomsat through our collaboration with Intertel, Federal Ministry of Communications and Nigcomsat, TSTV can now offer Nigerians the true meaning of video entertainment. Our TSTV has successfully migrated to Nigeria Communication Satellite. ALL CHANNELS in Full HD. No one does that. More channels are being added daily.

    Guess what!!!, TSTV management in appreciation to EVERYONE have decided that 45 TSTV PREMIUM HD CHANNELS will be available for free for another one month as we don’t intend to encrypt the channels now. You can use any dish at all, including the ones you are using for other operators to track Nigcomsat today and lets enjoy premium entertainment together.TSTV further promise to offer Nigerians 45 Premium HD Channels

We are now a True Nigerian Brand and we all should support ours. Kindly monitor our progress by tracking your dish to 42.5oE, Frequency 12589, Symbol Rate: 30,000. Polarization: Horizontal
TSTV + NIGCOMSAT + GOD = Connecting your world

Bright Echefu

TStv Hits The City With New Offers Including 45 Premium HD Channels

Those who have already used Dent Coin (Dent) will notice a sudden sharp increase in data prices (about 10 times) without increasing the value of the dents they buy, which is really bad because it makes the purchase already Dents are useless. The dent manager needs to calculate our old dent values ​​and update them to new values ​​to avoid losing users.
For those looking for ways to get MTN, 9mobile, Airtel and Glo free packets, then you should definitely bet on DENT. All you have to do is share your referral code, free data is yours. If you're new to Dent and want to know how to get free data on all networks, just follow the instructions below.

How do I get a dent of 260 times per recommendation?
It used to recommend 175 dents each time, but now there are 260 dents per recommendation now! All you have to do is download the Dent app from the link below;

For Android and iPhone users, download the DENT App from here.
Launch the app and enter your mobile number
The verification code will be sent to your mobile number, enter and continue
Connect to your Facebook or Google or manually. In my case, I manually choose

"Share this referral link to your friends, and by adding dents, they get 260 dents for free: your gift 260 every new recommended dent"

How do I get your DENT referral link?
It's very simple, your referral link is on the home page. All you have to do is click on "Invite Now" and you will see a unique link that you can share with your friends on social media, forums, etc. to get more dents. The more you invite, the more dents you get.

You can now get 260 dents per referal instead of 175

MTN's nightly data plan is one of the best services MTN can offer to its subscribers, as all data plans seem too expensive for this amount of data, and SME data is a means of obtaining low-cost data from third-party agents.

Regrettably, starting from August 16, 2018, MTN NG has just reduced the amount of data allocated to the Pulse Night program and increased the price of SME data by nearly 50%, starting on August 21, 2018. Effective.

In this new MTN night plan, you now pay the N25 for 125MB instead of the N25 for 500MB and the N50 for 500MB instead of the N50 for 1GB, which can be used between 12pm and 4am.

The telecommunications giant notifies its subscribers via SMS;
This is what they said;

Y'ello! When you purchase the N25's Pulse Night program from 18/08/18, you can now get 125MB. You can also get a N50 for 250MB and can make multiple purchases. Call * 406# to buy

According to the official SMS sent to all SME data sellers;

Dear customers, starting from August 21, 2018, the following prices will apply to MTN SME data sharing: 10GB, N7, 500; NGB is 20GB; NGB is 50GB. Thank you.

The old price of SME data is 10GB for N5,500; 20GB is N11,000 and 50GB is N25,000.

Once the above price is effective from August 21, 2018, you may no longer be able to purchase 1GB of the N600, 2GB of the N1200, or 3GB of the N1750 from any third-party data distributor. I don't know what the price will be, but I believe the price will allow you to consider buying from a third-party dealer or directly from MTN.

Therefore, we recommend that customers purchase data in bulk now for 3 months before the proposed increment takes effect.

However, if you are still interested in MTN Night Plan, you can subscribe by calling * 406# and follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe.

MTN reduces pulse night data plan and increases SME data prices

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