Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Though I’ve noticed it for quite a long time and I just feel I should share it with you here to those who don’t already know this.
 Have you been spying on someone on Facebook? Or you’ve been looking for means to ge
t their numbers but didn’t know how to ask them? The truth is they already have your own number.

This is why I don’t encourage adding your phone numbers to your Facebook profile. By now you are already aware that Facebook owns WhatsApp and they are working to incorporate a lot of things into whatsApp. Very soon, you’ll see the like button on WhatsApp(if it can appear on BBM, WhatsApp is not an exemption) but wait till then.
Facebook automatically add all your Facebook contacts to your whatsapp messenger without your knowledge as long as they have their numbers added to their facebook profile.
How Do I Check? Just log in to your Facebook messenger from your device, and in few minutes, all the contacts with numbers will appear on your whatsApp plus those you’ve never spoken on Facebook before. Even that babe or that dude that has been forming add to get will also appear on your WhatsApp Messenger.
I know some of you will say this is chatting made easy, but to me it’s risky. To the guys, it’s an easy catch to get the babe but at the other end, it exposes your privacy, and scammers can easily get your contact forming as though they’ve known you before.

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