Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Akpors called MTN's customer care number after lots of automated call disturbance from their anonymous call Adverts. A lady picked, and this conversation ensued.
Lady: hello, Good evening, thanks for calling MTN customer care service, my name is Judith, what's your name and where are u calling from?
Akpors: hello, goodevening, my name is Akpors, and i'm calling from Otuoke.
Lady: how may i help u, Akpors?
Akpors: i'm looking for a wife to marry..
Lady: is that why u called this customer care service?
Akpors: yes, and i think i'm already in love with u... u know u have a very nice voice....
Lady: hellooo, pls, we only attend to issues about your MTN line, okay...
Akpors: yes o...This is an issue about my MTN line too...because i spend much credit calling so many girls asking them about marriage....
Lady: pls, i would have to put an end to this call...
Akpors: baby don't talk like that now... I promise to make you happy... you would be happy with me...can i have ur number?
Lady:*raises her voice* come, mr man, i think something is wrong with u....
Akpors:*cutting in*...hey, hold it there...i hope u can now feel how frustrating it is to receive a call and hear rubbish? From today, warn yourself and every other staff there...Let nobody call me with a funny number only for it to be an advert or send me those nonsense messages you guys disturb my phone with daily.....
*call disconnected*

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