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How To Install WhatsApp On Windows 10 Phone

Manyn of people has been complaining of having issues installing whatsapp on their windows 10 phone So i have decided To put it to end through this post.And for those who happens to be windows mobile users, you can now get the WhatsApp application on the windows 10 phone store.


What makes you a windows phone user is an account mapped out by Microsoft making it compulsory that every individual using a Microsoft phone must have one.

to create microsoft account; 

1..Goto phone settings on email+acccounts
3..fill the forms as it is shown
then you are good to go
after succesfully creating a microsoft account,follow the below process to install whatsapp on your windows 10 phone

How To Install WhatsApp  On Windows 10 Phone

==> Open the windows mobile store on your device.
==> Click on the search icon on the top right corner of your screen.
==> Type WhatsApp in the search bar.
==> Select WhatsApp and click on Install.
==> Just wait till the installation is completed.
so once you you have successfully installed WhatsApp on your phone, the next thing will be to to create an account and also set it up.

signing in to whatsapp 

==> Open the already installed WhatsApp application.
==> Click On agree and continue  at the bottom of the screen.
==> Select your country and input your mobile phone no.
==> Click on the next button and select OK on the next screen.

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