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How To Stop Your Phone Alarm With Voice Command

Have you ever been in a  situation where we wake up still feeling dizzy and the first thing that comes to our mind is to turn off the alarm but we just feel too lazy to reach for it and it be so disturbing and uncomfortable.

 Every day, Technology is growing to meet the layman standard and make life easy for them to adapt to technology

 imagine having another alternative of stopping your phone alarm without even reaching pressing your pohone . At least that is the main purpose of the smartphone, to make things easier and probably to make the users more comfortable with it

How To Stop Your Phone Alarm With Voice Command

All you need to do is to say the word "stop", your Android device will recognize it and automatically turn off your alarm .folloow this steps to see how to activate it

direct link provided by nostech 


Dont forget to tick both Voice command and Speech Synthesis. After setting up the alarm.

check out the voice command feature by clicking on "test".

Automatically alarm  stops immediately you say the word, stop.. 


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