Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Apple has decided to release ios 10 which is currently the latest ios version higher than the second ios 9.3.5. The release of ios 10 has been mentioned but apple during the release of iPhone 7 their monster device .No official time was given but base on speculations, those in the US will get their own via ota. 
Before the week runs out, you can now download the ful update from and iPhone hacks. 

list of supported devices that will get the iOS 10 update.

Other devices like iPhone 4s might receive the update but not a single new features will be added to it. Only the selected devices will get the new features. 

For Instance  the new raise to wake feature will only be rolled out to iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and the newer iPhone 7 devices which will run iOS 10 out of the box. So the iPhone 5, 5c and 6 won't be receiving this feature.So as it is to other features... 

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