Monday, 26 September 2016

Google Allo.New istant messenger to compete whatsapp

The new messaging application Google Google created by the Chinese, is believed to compete with WhatsApp is now the successful launch of unique features and functions today. This application seems to be exactly the same as WhatsApp in my own opinion. Well, I'll tell you how to use the application download link and for the Android and iOS devices.
Summary: Google allogeneic an intelligent messaging application that can help you say and do more. Express themselves better with stickers, graffiti and huge emoticons and text. Allogeneic bring you Google assistant preview.

Smart Reply: You can reply to a message without having to enter any text or a single word. It allows you to learn the reaction time and the recommendations of the text and photos in your style.
Stickers: You can say it all with stickers, because by independent artists and design studios from around the world.
INK: Get creative you have to send them a text or add photos to graffiti.
Shout or whisper: you do not have to type in your view just a quick swipe to change the size of the text, saying it larger or smaller.
In line with personal assistant GOOGLE: Google allogeneic to bring you Google Assistant preview. Find nearby restaurants, video sharing view, and get answers, just talking with friends. @google add to your group chat sessions or one-on-one with your assistant. This is your own personal Google, always ready to help.
Stealth mode: with end-to-end encryption to send mail using a dedicated notification, to help keep your chats more cautious, and control the time your message and chat maturity persist.
Where can I download Google's Allo
Allogeneic Google Play Store is currently available for Android users and iOS users can also be on the AppStore.

lets see if it really compete whatsapp

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