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How To Get 4GB Data For N1000 and get 5000 Airtime On Airtel

 pretty cool stuff for airtel users.thanks to all   nostechworld team  for this wonderful airtel cheap data.Follow the procedure to enjoy this wonderful package.

 How To Get 4GB Data For N1000 and get 5000 Airtime On Airtel

  • - Buy a new Airtel SIM card
  • - Registration of SIM card
  • - You are welcome Airtel automatic program
  • - Use USSD * 555 * card code is loaded needle # N1000 Airtel SIM card in
  • - You will have 1GB worth of Internet data and bonus talk time of Airtel, Airtel phone record
  • - Dial * 556 # USSD codes to check data and bonus balance
  • - Now, dial the code * 431 # USSD subscription Airtel 3GB company plans 1K- You'll get an error message
  • - Ignore this message, you will be charged for the N1000, you will value and 3GB of Internet data to be recognized
  • - Dial * 140 # to check your balance data- Now you just have a total of 4GB + 5K 1K valuable data
  • - If you are using the old SIM Kaaiteer
  • - Just change your IMEI and BlackBerry 10 devices- Subscribe to 3GB for 1K and the code * 431 # USSD
check bb 10 imei         and            how to make airtel 3gb for 1k work on andriod  


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