Sunday, 4 September 2016

How To Zoom In On Instagram Pictures And Videos

How To Zoom In On Instagram Pictures And Videos/

 Instagram has announced that zooming capability will be a new feature in their next  update.

After this update you will be let to easily zoom in on pictures and videos.

With this new update, you will be able zoom in on photos and videos in your feed, on profiles, and in the Explore section of the app. , To me I really think this update is long overdue. The absence of the picture zooming feature has made Instagram more of a moment sharing app rather than the app that lets you appreciate the detailed photography.


 this new feature will only be released for iOS users for now. But according to Instagram, there will be an update for Android Users soon. So if you happen to be an Android user then you have to wait a little longer.


If you are an android user then you can easily get this feature and more by installing the modded Instagram app known as Instagram Plus OR Instagrab which lets you easily zoom in on pictures, download Instagram pictures and Videos to your phone and also run multiple accounts on a Single device at the same time.

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