Monday, 17 October 2016

Another one, iPhone 7 Explodes On Man's Face While He Was Recording A Video With It

No more news, Samsung is currently experiencing a difficult time with their Galaxy Note 7, as there are many reports of smartphone explosions and even destruction of property in the case of the process. This even makes the company stop producing and selling smartphones. But now it seems that this disaster is now affecting the iPhone too.

An Apple iPhone 7 recently exploded, while harming the owner's process. According to the owner who refused to reveal his identity, he was trying to record video on the phone at the time of the incident.

The impact of the explosion is reported to be so severe that the iPhone 7 is blown into two pieces, the battery and other elements are clearly visible, while the broken throwing glass flew over his face and made one of his fingers inflate in his right hand.

After the incident, the man reported to Apple to the case, said to Apple, they do not have the power to view or deal with such substances. But later, the complaint forwarded to Apple headquarters.

 However, the man actually purchased his iPhone 7 is still unknown, because the man still did not state that he bought his phone.

The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation. You can watch the video of the event below

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