Thursday, 6 October 2016

Glo Introduce The Best CHEAP Data PLAN Which Geos For 3.2GB For 1K, 7.5GB For 2k, 10GB For 2.5K and Many More

Globacom still maintains its long-term availability of cheap and affordable data bundle.
  Glo once again raised the amount of data for their various data plans,but still all the same economical with their prize.
Glo added 1.5GB of additional data to the N2000 plan and 1.2GB of N1,000 plans, and the other presented a 2GB + 2.5GB campus + N2000 + call with a 500MB data gift to just N2,000. See the full list of new data plans below:


1. 1.6GB N500 effective for 10 days
2. NGB of 3.2GB is valid for 30 days
3. Valid for 7.5GB N2000 for 30 days
4. For the 10GB effective N2,500 is 30 days
5. Validate N3,000 for 12GB for 30 days
6. Validate N4,000 for 18GB for 30 days
7. Validate N5,000 for 24GB for 30 days
8. Valid for 48GB for N8,000 for 30 days
9. 2GB + 2.5GB campus + N2,000 call charges + 500MB of data to the gift for the N2000 effective 30 days
10. 5GB + 6.25GB Campus + N5000 + Calling fee is 1.25GB effective N5,000 for 30 days

How To subscribe

If the Glo network is good in your area, then this plan is for you.
»Load your Recharge according to the amount you want to subscribe
 »Dial * # 777 and select Data Services» Sell Data »Monthly Plan.
»Follow the on-screen instructions as it is very simple.

Glo has been trying so well to keep the people browsing although the economic situation but they still have one more thing to do which is to upgrade their network

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