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How To Know If Your Smartphone is 4G LTE Supported.

Most Nigerian Telecom is now moving from the existing 2G and 3G services in 4G / LTE to true high-speed mobile broadband migration, which is the time to move ahead with our outdated 3G networks and 4G LTE networks.
4G LTE smart phones allow technology to fly. This is because it is much faster than 3G. So when you want to download new games or stream HD TV shows, you can not buffer and legs so that experience is not worth the wait.

Using 4G smartphones and 4G LTE networks means you can download files up to 10 times faster than 3G.

Based on the previous article on 4G LTE, we noticed that many people can, if their smartphone is 3G or 4G, there is no difference in the function of the device, and now we sort out here.

Whether you're using an Android smartphone, iPhone, Windows phone or even a BlackBerry device, you can check if your phone supports 4G networks. The steps are simple, just follow it accordingly.

Know your smartphone 4G LTE support

For Android devices
Go to Settings >> Network Settings >> Mobile Network. It should give you a drop-down menu of mobile standards such as 2G, 3G or LTE (4G). If you do not see 4G or LTE, your smartphone does not support the standard.

iPhone Users
Go to Settings  >> General  >> Cellular  >> Enable 4G LTE.
Blackberry Users
Go to settings >> Network and Connection >> Mobile Network >> Network mode and you’ll see 4G&3G&2G. however, if you are using Blackberry Q5 and below, you won’t get 4G network services.
Windows Phone Users
Go to Settings > Celluar + Sim > Highest connection speed and check if LTE is part of the options.

Once you’ve seen the 4G network, simply selected LTE and if the network is available in your location, the “LTE” symbol will appear on the phone status bar replacing either “3G”, “H” or “2G” symbols. Then you can start flexing on 4G network.


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