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How to print documents, pictures, and other formats of files from directly Android or Tablet

Smartphones and tablets are often seen as media consumption devices, and sometimes you may want to print out movie tickets, boarding passes, scans / files, pictures or whatever. Android does not have native printing capabilities built into the core operating system, but Google apps and connected printers will allow you to print photos, Google Drive files and almost anything from Chrome.It uses Google's free service, known as "Cloud Print." You need a Google account and a separate PC with a Chrome browser and an attached printer. You'll also need a free app for your Android device.
First, configure the PC to which a printer is connected

Open the Chrome browser installed on your PC.
If you are not already logged in, log into your Google account by clicking the far right corner of the menu button and then selecting "With Google.
Once you're signed in, go back to the Chrome menu page and click "Settings."
At the bottom of the settings page, click "Show advanced settings".
Scroll down to the section "Google Cloud Print" and click the button "Add Printer".

The confirmation page opens. Click "Add Printer (s)". Internet-enabled printers will no longer need this step.
The cloud prints pages that will open you can make your printer configuration further, if needed.
The Google Cloud Print section of the Chrome Advanced Settings page now has two buttons, "Disconnect Printers" and "Manage Printers".

Next, set up the Android devices you want to print from

Download and install the Google Cloud Print app Play Store.
Open the Cloud Print app and it will automatically add your Google account, otherwise log on to the cloud with Google account printing.
Click Print at the top of the Cloud Print application, and select Google Drive or Gallery.
Print from the Web page in Chrome and then share> Cloud Print Click Settings.
Select an image or file to print, then click the Print button.
Select your printer from the list and the file will be waiting at any time for your printer.
You should now be able to print from any application that allows sharing. The PC and / or printer do not have to be when you want to send a print command. The print job will print in Google Cloud until you queue up the PC and the printer. You can check what the print job is by clicking Chrome "Manage Printers" If you do not want your printer to always connect to the Internet, simply click "Disconnect Printer" to wait.

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