Monday, 17 October 2016

Up to 5 new Dropbox iOS features On The Latest Version 18.2

The main goal of this latest update is to make the application more efficient and increase the efficiency level when using mobile devices. The following are five new features added to the application.

Five new features on iOS 10 users' latest Dropbox

Sign PDFs right from Dropbox: With the latest Dropbox for iOS, you can now easily sign any PDF file directly from the Dropbox app.

Sharing Dropbox files in iMessage: With the latest Dropbox iMessage integration for iOS 10 users, there is no need to switch back and forth between the iMessage and Dropbox applications, since you can now access Dropbox files directly from the iMessage application and share them in any session.

Create and view files without unlocking your phone: With new Dropbox widgets that can be added to the iOS 10 lock screen, you can quickly create, view and upload files, and even scan documents or receipts to Dropbox.

Stay up-to-date when viewing files on a mobile device: With updates
Notify Dropbox when someone updates the file you are currently viewing, even if you are not currently with your phone and you will be notified.

Share screen time with other apps on iPad: With the latest Picture-in-Picture, you can now watch videos from the Dropbox app while working on other apps on your iOS.

 Dropbox iOS 10 users the latest additions, more features coming soon.
Download the application from this LINK.

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