Thursday, 3 November 2016

How To borrow Data from GLO Nigeria

Globacom Nigeria has launched a new system whereby you can borrow data just as you borrow credit for credit calls. Labeled as "Glo Lend Me Data", its purpose is to make their customers' lives more convenient. They also reloaded three other existing products. The three products that have been repackaged are two free tomorrow, all 11k / s and IDD packages.

The new product, Glo Borrow Me Data, allows users to borrow up to 2GB of data credit when their data packets are exhausted and to charge their data plans with no call-time balances or to unsuccessfully subscribe binding activation due to low balances Happening.

"Glo Borrow Me Data" provides two basic eligibility criteria: how long the customer has on the network and the average monthly data usage.

Borrow Glo data

Just dial * 321 # and press the menu option. The service will then push the real-time data credit to all eligible subscribers according to the eligibility criteria. The customer will reimburse the data credit when making the call.

There are three other repackaged products, Double Free Tomorrow, 11k / s for All and IDD Packs.

    Dual Free Tomorrow:

Back to Subscribers 200% of the day for calls, text messages or data free for today's use. In a reloaded proposal, Globacom calculates the value of all the talk time of the Internet service, phone, and text message that the user uses in a day, and doubles that value at the beginning of the next day. If the user in the call, text messages and data within one day of the use of N500 credit, Glo will be the next day to the user feedback N1,000 credit to call all networks, SMS and browsing free, in order to enjoy two free tomorrow, the user needs to dial * .

    .Gbam Plus 11k / s For all:

 It's a simple parity program that allows customers to enjoy significantly lower rates for local and international calls. According to the plan, all local networks and 30 top-level international telephone charges at a rate of 11k / s. Dial * 211 # to migrate to Gbam Plus 11k / s for all plans. Note: N5's daily access fee

    IDD Package: 

The IDD package covers calls from Nigeria to 30 major international destinations, down to N6.60 per minute. The IDD 100 gives the subscriber 12 minutes of call validity for 3 days while the IDD 200 gives 24 calls for 7 days. The IDD 500 Bundle gives a 60 minute call for 14 days while the fourth Bundle IDD 1000 will take advantage of the user 150 call minutes that are valid for 30 days.

According to Globacom, the 30 new destinations covered by the new IDD package include the United States, Britain, Canada, South Africa, India, China and Japan.

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