Tuesday, 28 August 2018

MTN reduces pulse night data plan and increases SME data prices

MTN's nightly data plan is one of the best services MTN can offer to its subscribers, as all data plans seem too expensive for this amount of data, and SME data is a means of obtaining low-cost data from third-party agents.

Regrettably, starting from August 16, 2018, MTN NG has just reduced the amount of data allocated to the Pulse Night program and increased the price of SME data by nearly 50%, starting on August 21, 2018. Effective.

In this new MTN night plan, you now pay the N25 for 125MB instead of the N25 for 500MB and the N50 for 500MB instead of the N50 for 1GB, which can be used between 12pm and 4am.

The telecommunications giant notifies its subscribers via SMS;
This is what they said;

Y'ello! When you purchase the N25's Pulse Night program from 18/08/18, you can now get 125MB. You can also get a N50 for 250MB and can make multiple purchases. Call * 406# to buy

According to the official SMS sent to all SME data sellers;

Dear customers, starting from August 21, 2018, the following prices will apply to MTN SME data sharing: 10GB, N7, 500; NGB is 20GB; NGB is 50GB. Thank you.

The old price of SME data is 10GB for N5,500; 20GB is N11,000 and 50GB is N25,000.

Once the above price is effective from August 21, 2018, you may no longer be able to purchase 1GB of the N600, 2GB of the N1200, or 3GB of the N1750 from any third-party data distributor. I don't know what the price will be, but I believe the price will allow you to consider buying from a third-party dealer or directly from MTN.

Therefore, we recommend that customers purchase data in bulk now for 3 months before the proposed increment takes effect.

However, if you are still interested in MTN Night Plan, you can subscribe by calling * 406# and follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe.

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